Video Surveillance

Video Surveillance

I own a business,

how can I benefit from video surveillance?
Eliminate employee theft and misconduct

With a video surveillance system in place, you’ll not only know if money is walking out, but if money is walking out the back door. When a

Permanently reduced liability insurance premiums.

Permanently reduced liability insurance premiums.
Most insurance companies offer between a five and ten percent reduction in liability premium for businesses that install a complete video surveillance system.

Prevent theft and robbery

According to the National Association of Shoplifting Prevention, 73% of shoplifters don’t plan to steal in advance. A camera system reduces that quick threat by nearly 90%.

See what really occurs when you are away

If you run multiple businesses or are just out of town, you can see what’s really going on between your four walls.

I have a home, how can I benefit from video surveillance?

Protect your family and keep an eye on your home if you are away

Prevent break-ins and robberies and protect the ones you love. Options to protect your home may include additional burglar bars on windows, closed-circuit television cameras, and remote access to your garage or property. These additional security measures will help prevent your insurance premiums from escalating too much following a claim.